Sprinkling some love your way today

Sprinkling some love your way today

Here are some of my favorite sayings this week:




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A day i will never forget…

A day i will never forget…

Hey guys,

i just wanted to quickly get on here and share something incredible that happened to me this past Friday since i hadn’t gotten a chance to write it down.

So let me start by telling you that i met this amazing man. Now, its not THAT kind of man. LOL. However he was very special. He walked into my job asking a question about getting around. So me and my coworker helped him out and then he just proceeded to start a conversation with us. Let me point out real quick, he was 91!!!. Not to mention he was super sweet and polite.

FUN FACT: I enjoy talking to wise elderly people.

Anyways to brief you guys really quick, he told me a bit about his life story, how he lost his eyesight and hearing on the right side of his face due to radiation. He was working on microwave ovens for his company many, many years ago when they were first becoming popular and his management failed to tell him the repercussions of working on it. The life long effects of it. To say it broke my heart, is an understatement. This man poured out his feelings and his sadness to me, a complete stranger. But he did say i was sweet and kind for listening but he did not have to thank me. He blessed my life with his story and presence. I just felt like i had to share that with you guys!


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4 things i want you to remember..

4 things i want you to remember..

  (I read these beautiful and true words, and i just knew i had to share with all of u my loves)

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  1. YOU are the most important person in YOUR life.

  2. YOU can change anything in YOUR life.

  3. Change takes time.

  4. Forgive YOURself.


Right now i have personal issues, but i know so does everyone else. We are all fighting battles and maybe even struggling with them. Its all a part of life, but please remember to be kind to one another and most importantly do what is best for YOU. YOU come first in this life always. I pray for all to find their inner peace and harmony and to find some r&r time in between the chaos. I know we could all use a little of it.

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Its taking over!!

Its taking over!!


Social media seems to be taking over our lives. It used to take too much of my time, but now I have managed to bring it down to not too much. Its the revolution of our time now and its apart of every ones daily life, i feel. A lot of people have their own opinions on these social platforms, but there are positives and negatives in everything. There are probably a million reasons but ill bring it down to the few i feel are key factors.

The Positives :

  1. To keep in touch with out of reach friends and family.
  2. Job wise reasons, might be related to work or boost your profile.
  3. Meet and socialize with new people, also to make new connections for work or for  personal endeavors ( like dating ).


The Negatives:

  1. It allows people to have a small glimpse into your life, giving access to criticism and negative talk.
  2. Takes up too much time in your life, viewing others display there fortunes and seemingly perfect lives ( causing some to be sad and depressed ).
  3. People stealing your photos or info, possibly using it to their own selfish purposes. I’m sure we see this all the time.


Please chose wisely, as social media isn’t our whole lives, but if we must use it, use it for good. Spread more positive messages and help to uplift others. You never know who could use a few words of encouragement today or the next. Please let me know what you guys like to use your social media for, or if you have any thoughts or opinions on today’s post. Leave them down in the comment section below, I would love to hear about it.


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Scorpio facts…Negatives

Scorpio facts…Negatives




  • Intense. Personality comes off strong and very opinionated.
  • Protective. Watchful of their loved ones and friends, and don’t trust people around them.
  • Ambitious. Power and passion fuel us and we wont stop till we reach our goal.
  • Jealous. Little green monster usually hangs around us a bit too much.
  • Loner. By choice
  • Distrustful. Don’t trust people very easily.
  • Manipulative. Will say and do whatever it takes to get what we want.


Scorpio Zodiac Sign Stars on the Cosmic Sky. Vector

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How to take control of your happiness

How to take control of your happiness


  1. don’t compare yourself to others
  2. remember life isn’t about what you do and don’t have
  3. make the most of what you have
  4. remind yourself, true happiness comes from love and acceptance
  5. focus on what fuels you
  6. don’t judge others lifestyles
  7. don’t try to be like someone else
  8. don’t worry about the haters
  9. don’t have negative people around you
  10. decide who you regularly want to keep contact with
  11. surround yourself with people who believe in you, make you laugh and accept you for who you are
  12. stay positive, even when exposed to negative situations, don’t let them tear you down.
  13. Be grateful for what you have
  14. Be thankful. There is always something to be thankful for, no matter how small
  15. celebrate little things that make you feel good
  16. write down things you are grateful for, and look back at it when having a bad day
  17. treat yourself right
  18. take some time for yourself
  19. if you’re in a negative place, think of more positive things or ways to make the situation better
My tips for feeling energized without turning to coffee

My tips for feeling energized without turning to coffee

sleeping-cat-wallpaper_1255101- getting at least 6-8 hours of sleep

I’m just like any other person, sometimes life is chaotic and stressful, which means sometimes our sleep is affected. I find that i have tons more energy compared to when i don’t get enough sleep, im more groggy and easily irritated.


2- Eat breakfast

I use to skip breakfast just because i didn’t have time to eat in the morning and by midday i would get headaches and feel sluggish, but i noticed a huge difference when i started to have something to eat in the morning. I was being more productive and energized, Ready for the day.


3- drink water first thing in the morning

I read somewhere that to jump start your digestive system in the morning, you should drink a glass of water first thing in the morning. So i tried it, and keep in mind I wasn’t really into drinking too much water like that but i found that i felt less bloated on the days i do remember to drink it (Sometimes i do forget), but it does help. Now i drink water all the time.


pink headphone isolate on blue background.4- Listen to music that puts you in a good mood

I like different kinds of music. If it sounds good , im downloading it. I like to put my playlist into shuffle mode and let all my songs play out in random order. Its relaxing and soothing, i have anything from pop to rap, a little country, a bit of rock, even Spanish. Music is therapeutic for me and anytime is good for some pump up music.


shutterstock_4406927625- pack snacks to have throughout the day

Usually around the afternoon time i get a little hungry. Sometimes i don’t know what i want and i end up wasting my break time. I end up having nothing to eat and that sucks. Fatigue and drowsiness here i come. So i got a little wiser and now i bring my own snacks from home. I like goldfish or the little pretzels chips, popcorn or any kind of dark chocolate. I save time and it keeps me full of energy. Helps so much so I can go about the rest of my day.


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